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The commune of Martigné-Ferchaud proposes to lovers of walking, cyclists and riders 6 circuits for a total of 80 km.


·         Around the lake of la Forge
·         At the edge of the forest of Araize
·         Overhanging the Semnon or the stream of Guéra
·         With a view of the gold mine (la Mine d’Or), or the remnants of the brick works
Discover each of the tours, Taste the pleasure of an activity surrounded by nature :

And if you like to make discoveries, in the form of a game, of the heritage and curiosities of our town, the association « Sports & Leisure »has created for you 3 circuits of discovery of about  5 km.

You can obtain these from the Town Hall or from the Tourism Office. Enjoy yourself !
And if your group would like a walking guide, make contact with the section « Randonnée>> of the association «  Sports and Leisure »……..