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Religious life

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Religious Life

Since 2003, the parishes of Chelun, Eancé, Forges-la-Forêt and Martigné-Ferchaud have been reorganised as one, called the parish of St Martin en Semnon.  Actually, it is under the  responsibility of  Father Joseph Sicot who is also priest of the parish of Notre Dame de La Guerche-de-Bretagne. Father Paul Restif, Pastoral Associate of the parish, ensures the pastoral services and the support of the teams.

Times of Mass
۰ Chelun : 09.15 – 1st Sunday in the month
۰ Eancé   : 09.15 – 4th Sunday in the month
۰ Forges-la-Forêt : 17.00 – Saturday
۰ Martigné-Ferchaud : 10.30 – Sunday
Modes for the different ceremonies              
 -for a baptism, bookings are made at the presbytery , at least two months before the celebration
- for a marriage, bookings are made at the presbytery, not later than six months before the celebration
- for a funeral, the family should contact the presbytery or the secular guides to funerals
  • Paul CHOQUET : 02 99 47 82 80
  • Paul VALLAIS :   02 99 47 93 94
The parochial catechism class is organised from CE1 to 6è
In 2010, the 1st Eucharist will be on Ascension Day 13 May at 10.30
               It will not have a profession of faith
Père Paul RESTIF
3, rue du champ de foire
Tél. 02 99 47 90 57