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Etincelles aquatiques

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Discover the 17th edition of Etincelles Aquatiques 5, 6 and 7 August 2010 at Martigné Ferchaud (35).

An invitation to the dream ….

In the land of the fairies ….When the storm rumbles …
The players of horns, the players of Jews harps, the pullers of rushes, invite us to the dream ….
The little imps, faithful friends, the arrival of the fairies of the 4 elements. They ask each of us to enter into their marvellous and magical world.
The spectacle …
It all begins with the fall of night …….
The Etincelles Aquatiques is a spectacle of music, dance and pyrotechnics where the fairies of air, water, fire and earth make a date on the lake of La Forge, to draw the audience into the land of the fairies, frontier between dream and reality where imagination and the traditions of our region are blended.
The show comprises :
  • A script specially written for the show by Max LACHERAY, main theme and spectator guide
  • A sound track, a continuous musical background, the music captures the spectator and draws them into a magical world
  • Dances and living tableaux : 250 actors perform on a giant stage floating on the waters of the lake
  • Fireworks and lighting effects, created by Jean-Maurice MAREAU, which support the script and enhance the action of the actors on the lake and its banks.
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